The Top 5 Corvette Technological Advancements

July 13, 2016Every Corvette owner has his or her own ideas on the best features of America's Sports Car. The answers are as varied as the styles and custom looks of each Corvette. The writers at took a more technical approach and outlined the Top 5 Technological Advancements made by Corvette from 1953 through the 7th Generation. Mid America Motorworks is happy to present their findings here....
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Corvette Fest Picture Galleries and May 2016 Crooked River

July 11, 2016There are additional pictures from Paul B. in the May 2016 Crooked River Gallery. click here

The pictures from the 2016 Corvette Fest Event are here:

General Pictures click here

Awards Ceremony click

Feature Album 'Through The Lens of Wally' click here

In May 2016 Google moved to 'Google Picture' and Grandfathered Google Picasca, the site we were previously using for t...
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Member Corvette For Sale

July 9, 2016Check our classified advertisement section for further information.

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