NCM Motorsports Park Reveals Andy Pilgrim Track Driving School

August 14, 2018By Sean Szymkowski in GM Authority

Last February, the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park announced a familiar face would join the team in Andy Pilgrim. With Pilgrim aboard, the NCM planned to offer a driving school to help drivers of all ages and skill levels become more proficient behind the wheel.

Now, we know Pilgrim will launch “The Psychology of Speed” in a two-part program f...
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How to Take Care of Your Corvette

August 14, 2018By Brian Brennan in Super Chevy

“Take care of your Corvette” isn’t just a saying but, rather, a commitment. Now, I would never be one to profess that taking care of your Corvette is more important than taking care of your kids (but there are times!). However, there’s a similar value of commitment and effort required. Once you do have the kids down for the night, properly feed, all tucke...
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Bow Tie Breakthroughs: Chevrolet's Ramjet Fuel Injection

August 14, 2018By Andy Kevin Shaw in

There’s an old adage that nothing new pertaining to the internal combustion engine has been invented since 1948. Superchargers, turbochargers, alternate fuel, electric-assisted engines, and even fuel injection all has its roots either before or during World War II. Believe it or not, the wheels got moving on the development of functioning fuel injectio...
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