Are Classic Cars the Answer for Frugal Car Lovers?

September 9, 2019Professor S's, of Bull In Captivity, Financial Wisdom observes that

'There are two types of people and cars at car shows. Those with well maintained, fast, depreciating new cars and those with well maintained, fast, appreciating old cars. Both cars are nice to look at, both have literal curb appeal, and both groups are fast, but the financials are vastly different.'

For example: The Cost of ...
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Double Dog Dare September 21st

September 4, 2019On September 21st, Leader dogs for the Blind will be hosting the "Double Dog Dare" event where participants will rappel fifteen stories down the Oakland Town Center Building at 28 N. Saginaw St. in downtown Pontiac. Participants must collect $1,000 in donations to be able to perform this feat of madness. All the money donated goes directly to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Randy Haas from GMC Corv...
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September Happenings in Detroit Area

September 4, 2019Diane Klakulak publishes a monthly publication called Michigan Monthly that lists all the events going on in Detroit and the surrounding communities. It lists sports events, car shows, concerts, fundraisers, art fairs, and many other events. If there is something going on, it is on the list.

Click Here to download and see all the events for the month of September.

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