GMC Corvette Set Hot Wheels Event Feb. 17, 2018

February 21, 2018The 2018 GMC Corvette Set Hot Wheels Event was held on Feb. 17th at the home of Jay and Patty Sandler. Quite a few club members attended the event which is held every year to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind and get the members out of the "winter doldrums".

The evening started with a pot luck dinner and then moved to the race track. Each driver was charged $5.00 to enter their new, unopened H...
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Dream Garage: "Big John" Mazmanian"s '61 Corvette Drag Car

February 11, 2018By Bradley Igar in Corvette Online

When it comes to 1960s Corvette performance, most of us tend to picture Chevy’s sports car mixing it up with the likes of Cobras, Porsches and Jag E-Types on road courses around the globe. Considering the amount of research and development that went into taking the C1 from a cool looking runabout to a world-class sports car that certainly makes sense – aft...
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2019 Corvette ZR1 Sets New Production Car Record at VIR

February 11, 2018By Chase Christensen in CorvetteOnLine

Well, it happened. We finally have our first official lap times from the most powerful production Corvette ever built and it did not disappoint—to put it lightly. The C7 ZR1 laid down a blistering 2:37.3 lap time at what many consider to be “America’s Nurburgring”, Virginia International Raceway, making it the fastest production car ever to lap the...
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