GMC Corvette Set at White Horse Inn 2018

June 22, 2018On Tuesday, June 19th, members of the GMC Corvette Set Corvette Club drove to the White Horse Inn in Metamora, MI for lunch. The Inn started in the 1800's as a stagecoach stop and has been beautifully restored keeping the horse country ambiance. Everyone enjoyed the nice ride through the countryside using more horsepower than travelers at the time the Inn originated. Members dined on great food an...
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Z06 Retrospect - From Racer Kit to Corvette Performance Icon

June 22, 2018By K. Scott Teeters in Super Chevy

The C7 Z06 was much anticipated and did not disappoint. In the Z06 section of the 2015 brochure it says, " Your road-legal C7.R is ready." - Road & Track. Indeed the C7 Z06 has more race car built into it than any production Corvette ever. But it wasn't always this way. Let's go back to see how we got there.

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What Chevy Gains From Using a Pushrod Engine in the Corvette

June 22, 2018By Chris Perkins in R&T

The Chevy Corvette is the last true sports car to use a pushrod V8, and you might not think that's a good thing. After all, overhead-cam engines have been the standard for decades at this point, so why would you use an old-school cam-in-block engine today? Especially in a Corvette, which has to compete with the best from Porsche, BMW, and everyone else?

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