A Look At The C4 ZR-1’s Jewel-Like, All-Aluminum DOHC LT5 Engine

May 17, 2018A Look At The C4 ZR-1’s Jewel-Like, All-Aluminum DOHC LT5 Engine
Corvette Online Scott Teeters May 10, 2018

In 2017, it seemed that the new ZR1 would never arrive. Of course, back in the olden days, car magazines published their “New Cars” editions in August to stoke enthusiasts for the arrival of the new cars in September. It was an annual tradition that Corvette inventor, Harley Earl c...
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Chevrolet Cheetah (23 Produced)

May 17, 2018Corvette Online Rob Krider April 29, 2018

Most car fanatics are familiar with the legend of the mighty Ford Cobra: a quick little two-seater convertible with a big V8 engine built by Carroll Shelby and some of his closest hot-rodding buddies. They built this car for one purpose, and that was to kick Ferrari square in the junk — which they did — quite successfully. With all of the success S...
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Jim O. Creates Lamp #8 for Silent Auction

May 9, 2018Jim O. has created a series of automotive inspired lamps for the GMC Corvette Set annual "Corvette Fest" silent auctions. Jim is shown here holding #8 in his series of one of a kind creations. As Jim explains, "All cars at one time had carburetors and sometimes they would backfire with flames coming out of the carb. This is my interpretation of what a 'BACKFIRE' would look like."

This lamp can ...
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