Article: GM Heritage Center

February 24, 2019

On Feb. 1,2019, members of the GMC Corvette Set Corvette club was able to tour the General Motors Heritage Center along with members of two other car clubs.

The GM Heritage Center serves as a showplace for the vehicles of the GM Heritage Collection, and as the home of the Heritage and Media Archive. Located in an 81,000 square foot facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the Center has approximately 200 vehicles on display, while the Archive houses 15,000 linear feet of shelving containing significant documents, manuals, brochures, and artifacts documenting GM's rich history of innovation. Each of the vehicles in the Collection illustrates a design, technical or sales milestone or accomplishment in the history of General Motors or automotive history. They are not open to the public for individual visits; however, it can be reserved for group tours, conferences, meetings, and special events. (From the Heritage Center website.)

Since GM has dropped several model lines, the displays concentrate on Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. Since they have hundreds of other vehicles stored in other warehouses, these displays are often refreshed as vehicles are moved in and out. The members enjoyed viewing all the vehicles and some vehicles assuredly brought back memories of vehicles they had owned; or, wished they had owned.

Some of the group started their day at Leo's for breakfast before arriving at the Heritage Center. Since many some had worked up an appetite during the tour, they visited Kuhnhenn Brewing for beverages and snacks afterword.

Thank you Erich S. for setting up this visit.

Read More: Click Here to see pictures from this tour.

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