Article: The Story of the 1976 Corvette Steering Wheel

March 11, 2019

By Andy Bolig in CorvetteOnLine

There are a few things throughout Corvette production that serve as milestones and classify a specific Corvette to the exact year of production. The split rear window for example, points instantly to the 1963 Corvette coupe. For convertible models, you’ll have to spot those faux grille panels on the hood of the car.

Within the C3 generation, there are equally telling tidbits that denote a certain year of manufacture. Many know exactly what year C3 they’re in, if they need to reach all the way to the dash to turn the key. Likewise, many (possibly incorrectly) suppose the subject C3 to have been built in 1976, if it happens to have the so-called “Vega” wheel atop the car’s steering column.

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