Article: St. Patty's Day Bowling at Shelby Lanes

March 20, 2019

Sometimes there are other things to do than just sit around and drink green beer on St. Patrick's day. On March 17th, members of the GMC Corvette Set went to Shelby Lanes in Shelby Township to try their hand at bowling. Many of the members claimed they hadn't bowled since bowling balls looked like the one Fred Flintstone used, but this did not stop them from knocking some pins down. Not all the bowlers rolled great games, but everyone had a good time trying to knock down the ten pins at the end of the lane. Everyone agreed that this was a fun event worth repeating in the fall.

This bowling event also helped to support Leader Dogs for the Blind as $3.50 of everyone's bowling fee went to them. Hopefully, more members will be able to attend the next event.

When bowling was over, the group met at Esplendido's for some Mexican cuisine and well deserved drinks. Thank-you Robert and Geri for arranging this event.

Click Here to view pictures from this event.

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