Article: Five Best Corvettes Under $20,000

May 18, 2019

Andy Bolig May 13, 2019

The insurance and valuation guys over at Hagerty recently put together a list of Five Of The Best Corvettes For Under $20,000. Their list is full of Corvettes, so it’s obviously a good list. And, the folks at Hagerty know their stuff when it comes to sniffing out potential value-hoarders that are sure to appreciate over time.

While the later-model Corvettes are still living the life of daily drivers and low-mileage car show attendees, the earlier models have separated themselves into cliques consisting of the valuables, and the valuable-nots. The Hagerty list looks at several of these earlier cars that have not quite attained the lofty, value-laden status of previous generations, but do separate themselves nicely from the rest of the herd.

Click here to read the complete article at Corvette Online.

This is the original Hagerty Insurance article.

Scott Oldham // August 07, 2018

Click here to read the original article at Hagerty Insurance.

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