Article: This is the 1984 Corvette Reimagined by Italy

December 2, 2016

Story from Road & Track
They had the tired, gray-eyed look of soldiers too long on guard duty. And yet the only guns involved were for spraying, soldering and gluing, along with welding torches, wrenches and. perhaps most important of all, the broad-face hammers of the metal shapers. Because of the pressing deadline some of the men hadn't slept more than a couple hours each night for the past week, and very little more in the three weeks before that. That's the way it is when Carrozzeria Bertone's workshops are rushing to complete a new prototype automobile.
Bertone's workshops were working on and Italian prototype version of the 1984 Corvette. The name of the vehicle was Ramarro and was to make it's debut at the Los Angeles Auto Expo.

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