Article: The Meyer: Curator Of Automotive Racing History

March 14, 2017

Turnology - Trevor Anderson

Imagine a place, hidden in plain sight, while sequestered away from the prying eyes of the public. This is a place automobile enthusiasts and race fans alike can call their holy sanctuary. A place of worship for the petrol-stained, knuckle-busted upper class. This place is β€œThe Meyer.” Now without coming over all Rod Serling-esque, this place is a private collection – the aura of which is Twilight Zone worthy.

Enthusiast Bruce Meyer is a successful man, to say the least. But among his material blessings are his gracious demeanor, down-to-earth personality and hospitality. Meyer keeps the location of his collection private for obvious reasons and access is by invitation, but these cars have certainly not been doomed to lot-rot in a tidy loft. Meyer drives his collection – with a vengeance.

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