Article: Pierce-Arrow museum scores coup with donation of classic Corvettes

May 4, 2017

By Mark Sommer in The Buffalo News

Martin Milner and George Maharis rode a sleek, low-slung, long-hooded Chevrolet Corvette, wandering from episode to episode in the popular early-1960s series "Route 66." Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys sang about the archetypal sports car. Later, Prince did as well in "Little Red Corvette." Movies associated with fast cars have also long showed off Corvettes, from the James Bond film "Live and Let Die" to "Furious 7." Until now, the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum didn't have one in its permanent collection of historic automobiles. But that has all changed.

Read More;Click Here to read more about the four cars that were donated by Mike Yager to the Buffalo, New York musuem.

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