Article: Chevy Corvette Z06 owners sue General Motors over alleged on-track overheating

July 1, 2017

By Aaron Brown in The/Drive

A group of Chevy Corvette Z06 buyers have filed a lawsuit against General Motors because of an issue that the lawsuit claims causes the cars to go into a reduced-power mode while on track after a spell of hard driving. The lawsuit, filed June 13 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, alleges that after around 15 minutes of track use, the 650-horsepower, supercharged V-8 Corvette Z06s will go into "limp mode" due to a "defective cooling system" which then prevents the driver from driving the car at its fullest on the course. The case also claims that GM was "knowingly selling allegedly defective" cars, even though the vehicles are sold as track-ready.

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