Article: 1968 427 Corvette vs 1982 Cross-fire injection Corvette

July 1, 2017

By Scott Teeters in SuperChevy

When Corvette fans first feasted their eyes upon the late summer 1967 car magazines, fans were expecting a new “Shark” Corvette. Chevrolet had been working the crowds and stoking fans with the Mako Shark-II show car. Once again, the new Corvette was drastically unlike anything else on the road. To rush the car into production, the new Corvette used the existing C2 Stingray engine lineup, running gear, chassis and basic structure.

Read More:Click Here to read more about the engine changes that were made to the C3 during it's lifetime leading up to Cross-fire injection in 1982. Can a comparison really be made between the 1968 and 1982 powertrains?

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