Article: 2018 Chevrolet Grand Sport Convertible Review

September 19, 2017

By: Will Sabel Courtney in TheDrive

There's a big problem in America today: Not enough people are buying Corvettes. It's a minor issue, all things considered.

...We already know that General Motors is planning an all-new, mid-engined 'Vette for the car's eighth generation, presumably so it can better battle the supercars of the world; while the company hasn't stated how much the mid-engined Corvette will sell for, it's hard to imagine that GM will drop, rather than significantly raise, the price for such a revolutionary product.

Read More:Click Here to read why the author considers the 2018 Grand Sport, introduced last year, as the Goldilocks' Choice of the three-car 'Vette family.

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