Article: The New Face Of leader Dogs For The Blind

November 15, 2017

We are proud to introduce the new logo, font and colors of Leader Dogs for the Blind. We’ve updated our style to better represent who we are, what we do and the people we serve. This revised style will help us reach new audiences and spread the word about Leader Dog in exciting new ways.

Why Change?

Old Leader Dog logo

Our previous logo was created 10 years ago. This logo fit in well with what many other guide dog organizations were using to represent themselves: an individual walking with a dog in harness. While the logo accurately represented our work, it was difficult to use. Since it incorporated both dark and light colors, parts of it were often not visible on dark, light or busy backgrounds. Because the person and the dog were drawn in outlines instead of solid shapes, at small sizes they became difficult to discern. For an organization that serves people whose vision is impaired, the old logo was not ideal.

For many years, we represented our brand in primarily dark blue, gray and white. These colors are popular with many businesses because they appear corporate ....

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