Article: GMC Corvette Set Hot Wheels Event Feb. 17, 2018

February 21, 2018

The 2018 GMC Corvette Set Hot Wheels Event was held on Feb. 17th at the home of Jay and Patty Sandler. Quite a few club members attended the event which is held every year to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind and get the members out of the "winter doldrums".

The evening started with a pot luck dinner and then moved to the race track. Each driver was charged $5.00 to enter their new, unopened Hot Wheels car into the event, and there was an extra charge for those who wished to enter the Unlimited Event in which they could race whatever they brought. The entrance fees for the Unlimited race were split between the winner and Leader Dogs. Russ Miller was the winner and took home $45.00. All the proceeds from the evening went to Leader Dogs for the Blind who netted $145 from the evening.

The winners were:
Main Event: Matt Papsin 1st place trophy winner
Randy Haas 2nd place
Mike Warrick 3rd place
Kids Race: Dylan Ries 1st
Aaron Ries 2nd
Addison 3rd
Unlimited: Russ Miller

Read More: Click Here to view pictures from this exciting event.
PS: Carol Carman beat Bruce Carman in their first race of the evening. Way to go Carol!

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