Article: 21 Detailing Tips from the Pros!

March 03, 2018

21 Detailing Tips from the Pros! from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car

July, 2006 - Craig Fitzgerald and George Mattar

We see an awful lot of cars in this business, traveling as we do to auctions, concours, car shows, national conventions and neighborhood cruise nights. The only way to rise to the top of the heap among all the other nice cars out there is to be absolutely obsessive about detailing a car. A top-quality, well-planned detail job can turn a twenty-footer into a standout when it comes time to pick up the trophies, or wring those last few dollars out of a potential bidder at auction.

We spent hours on the phone and online with experts around the country, learning their secrets and applying them to our own nasty cars, in the hopes of making them look a little more presentable for shows, and for everyday driving as well. When it gets right down to it, attention to detail and frequency of a proper cleaning make the job a lot easier when you really have to do it.

Everything we're showing here we've tried ourselves. We've also gotten tips from George Mattar (our own on-staff professional detailer). He ran his own detailing business for decades and had hundreds of happy... Click here to visit the Hemming's Magazine web site and read the complete article.

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