Article: Corvette Trivia #3

January 14, 2018

This is another installment of Corvette Trivia to inform you of Corvette facts you may not know. Enjoy!

1. The picture to the left is a prototype Pontiac Banshee that out Corvetted the Corvette. Years before DeLorean built Doc Brown's time machine, he was in charge of Pontiac. He wanted something that could hurt the Mustang, so they developed this Banshee....until GM said it would actually hurt the Corvette more.It's not a coincidence that the Corvettes of the seventies looked like the Banshee.
2. The first Corvettes were too advanced for the factory. Because the Corvette was the first fiberglass body that GM mass produced, the factory was ill-equipped to handle the new tech, and they didn't know how to ground the car. The first few cars they made wouldn't start. Instead of driving them off the assembly line, they had to push.
3. A V-8 engine was first available in 1955. That year, it was selected by 90% of customers. After that, all Corvettes featured strictly V-8 power.
4. Corvette racing teams didn't always plan ahead. The L88 powered Corvette that competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in '67 not only set a record by topping 171 miles per hour on the legendary Mulsanne straight, but it actually had to be driven to the track because the transporter was full of parts. Probably not coincidentally, the car's engine called it quits halfway through the race.
5. The Corvette has been used as the pace car for the Indianapolis 500 fourteen times, more than any other vehicle!
6. The 1963 Split Window model only existed for one year because of a disagreement between designers Bill Mitchell and Zora Arkus Duntov.

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