Article: 360-Degree View Inside Corvette's 755 Horsepower LT5 Engine

March 11, 2018

By Andy Bolig in Corvette-online

If a picture is really worth one-thousand words, then a video is the textual equivalent of War & Peace. So for you folks who are reading all the stats and forum threads about the new 755-hp LT5 engine in the 2019 ZR1 Corvette and still find yourselves wanting for more, this video is for you.

Recently, CarGuy11 posted this video of his quick walk around of the new LT5 engine during the Chicago Auto Show. There are some interesting points to note as well. While this general supercharger architecture has been used by Chevrolet on the previous ZR1 and LT4 engines, it bears noting that this is the first application that utilizes both Direct-injection and port-injection.

Read More:Click Here to view the 2 minute video of the cut-away LT5 engine and a discussion of it's unique components.

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