Article: A Look Inside Batteries: The Difference Between Lead-acid and AGM

March 11, 2018

By Greg Acosta in Corvette-online

When it comes to high-performance engines and their capabilities, the battery isn’t often thought of as part of the system. However, when you expand the view a little, you start realizing that OEM batteries really can have an impact on your high-performance engine’s operating requirements. Higher compression requires more work from the starter motor to get the engine cranked, and in certain racing applications, not only do you have mounting concerns for the battery, but also performance issues, especially in high-draw applications (like nitrous) or in applications without an alternator.

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained teamed up with Optima Batteries to work his usual magic in explaining the differences between the standard flooded-cell lead-acid and Optima’s Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) style of battery.

Read More:Click Here to view the 6.5 min video or read an explanation of the difference between these batteries and the advantages of each.

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