Article: Looking Back at the Famous Duntov Small-Block Chevrolet Camshaft

March 11, 2018

By Andy Bolig in Corvette-online

The initial design of the small-block Chevy engine was birthed in the desire for higher power in a more compact, lightweight package. When the 265ci small-block appeared in 1955, it suited those demands fairly well. But, engineers were not resting on their laurels, as high-lift cams were introduced almost immediately to capitalize on the free-flowing characteristics – relatively speaking – of the new engine. The 1956 parts manual saw the introduction of a new, high-lift, performance camshaft, part number 3734077, which was available in the ’56 Corvette’s 240hp, 265ci V8.

For 1957, the small-block engine’s rear-most cam bearing journal was modified for better lubrication, and the groove on the camshaft’s rear surface was no longer necessary. Another new cam featured the same duration as the previous year’s (077) high-lift version at 287 degrees, but lobe lift was reduced slightly. The cam’s new part number ended with the more widely-known “097”, aka, the “Duntov” cam.

Read More:Click Here to read about how and why this famous camshaft was developed. The article also contains videos comparing an engine utilizing this camshaft to two other 1957 optioned engines.

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