Article: The Most Valuable Corvettes Ever Built

April 3, 2018

By Brent Davis in

CNN Money has listed the 10 most valuable Corvettes according to their research, using the mean sold price. Starting with number 10 and increasing in value we have listed each of the cars along with a bit of tech and specifics about each model. We understand that there may be some very unique or special editions that can draw higher dollar figures, but this list tried to cover the more well known Vettes.

Many of the Corvettes are still climbing in value and as the calendar pages fly by, these cars are only becoming older and more rare. As much as we love the new capabilities and technology that GM has put into the more recent Corvettes, there is just something about a classic.

Read More:Click Here to read more about these valuable cars. You may be surprised at which Corvette is rated as the most valuable and what it would cost you to own one.

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