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April 13, 2018


I am sorry to say that the parking lot at the Ren Cen is no longer available for the planned ZR 1 event on Sunday May 20, 2018. THE EVENT IS CANCELLED


When the Kingsley/Radisson Hotel parking lot was no longer available I moved the event to the M1 Concourse. Over 650 Corvettes were there. We made an American Flag with Corvettes and I was hoping for a new home for this event. We had fun and raised a lot of money for two food pantries.

I had the event Open Hands Food Pantry and once again it was successful with many food and cash donations.

This year the M1 offered to rent the M1 for $15,000 to $25,000 for one day. I just cannot afford to do that.

Verna and I will be at Open Hands Food Pantry at Eleven mile and Woodward. I will be sending out details in the next few weeks on what we will have planned.

There are not many places along Woodward that have capacity for 500 cars and are affordable

My next email will have more details

GM Heritage Center and Lingenfelter Collection

We will have on Wednesday a tour of the GM Heritage Center at 10 AM. I am waiting to see the availability of some of the Corvette Team to be there for a presentation. Thursday we will be going to the Lingenfelter Collection. The Pratt Miller Racing Team will not be in town so there will be no tours.


This weekend there will be a giant celebration of Detroit Muscle and Rock N Roll. The event will tell the story how the coolest cars affected the coolest music.

There will be 250 of the finest muscle cars and 100 bands will be presented on seven stages in the four blocks between Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza. This is the same site as the Detroit International Jazz Festival

I am looking for 40 of the best Corvettes to be part of this event. Your Corvette will be on display for three days with each day finishing with a parade of cars. Only 40 will be selected. If you are interested please send an email along with at least on picture of your Corvette.

I will be sending a separate email with more details after I get back from the BASH at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. The BASH is the last weekend in April.


This is a new event that will be held on BELLE ISLE in Detroit on the same Paddock area as the Detroit Grand Prix. Verna and I thought this would be a great time to get everyone together for just fun. We are thinking of doing a People’s Choice of the best of each generation. We hope you will come out, have fun and see all of the great changes in Belle Isle. We think this will be a perfect way to start winding down the season and prepare for a couple of Fall Trips.

Cruise nights in Michigan and nearby states

The first week in May I will be sending out an updates list of Corvette Shows and Cruise nights in Michigan and nearby states. I know it is hard to think Cruising when there is still snow in the forecast but I think and hope spring will be here soon followed by a great summer and fall.

Please remember if you do call me to leave a message. Phone calls without caller ID or messages usually wind up in a blocked file. You can call me at 586-876-6923

Larry Courtney

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