Article: This ZR-12 Corvette Was Created To Eclipse An Excessive Competitor

April 14, 2018

Andy Bolig April 09, 2018

Some of the greatest Corvette creations were a direct result of an openly competitive challenger from across town. Such is the case with this over-the-top example of a C4 Corvette that was dipped in the pool of testosterone-laden monster juice back in the early nineties.

When you think back to the way things were, you begin to understand just how obscenely over-the-top this Corvette creation was actually engineered to be. When the base model Corvette was capable of only 250 horsepower and pumped-up versions of the Callaway B2K (405hp) and ZR-1 (375-405hp) were deemed supercars and “The King of The Hill.” Anything that added the additional horsepower of another complete Corvette on top of either of them was in a word – excessive.
ZR-12 Corvette

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