Article: Chevrolet Cheetah (23 Produced)

May 17, 2018

Corvette Online Rob Krider April 29, 2018

Most car fanatics are familiar with the legend of the mighty Ford Cobra: a quick little two-seater convertible with a big V8 engine built by Carroll Shelby and some of his closest hot-rodding buddies. They built this car for one purpose, and that was to kick Ferrari square in the junk — which they did — quite successfully. With all of the success Shelby and Ford were having in sports car racing the boys over at Chevrolet were feeling a bit left out. Their answer to this problem: The Chevrolet Cheetah.

Designed by Bill Thomas, the Cheetah ultimately didn’t have the market success the Cobra did, but the Cheetah’s performance was actually superior to Cobra ......

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