Article: NCM Welcomes Newest Members to the NCM Hall of Fame

September 19, 2018

By Andy Bolig in Corvette On Line

Bowling Green, Kentucky has been the center of the Corvette universe since production moved there in 1981. Since then, our beloved sportscar has entrenched itself into the Kentucky countryside, both literally and figuratively.

Enthusiasts are welcomed by a community that has embraced this world-renowned entity, and today, passionate Corvetters are able to enjoy all aspects of their beloved marque. ...Every September, the NCM celebrates another year of serving the Corvette community. One of the highlights of the festivities is inducting individuals who have contributed to Corvette into the NCM Hall of Fame. This is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual in the Corvette community as it recognizes their significant role in promoting Corvette to the world.

Read More: Click Here to read more about Tom Wallace, Mike Yager, and the Greenwood Brothers who were recently inducted into the NCM Hall of Fame. There is a video for each one of these inductees that lasts from fourteen to sixteen minutes in length. Take the time to view these videos as they give great insight into the passion each had for Corvette and the Corvette hobby and will help fuel your passion.

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