Article: Throwback Thursday: Should You Rest Your Hand on the Shift Lever?

October 13, 2018

By Randy Bolig in Corvette Online

The week is almost over, and once again, Thursday has landed on our doorsteps. I don’t know about you, but my weekend plans are already made. If your away-from-work plans includes putting more than few miles on your manually shifted hot rod, there’s something you might want to consider before you pull out of the garage. No, we are not talking about the obvious things like checking the fluids and tire pressure. We’re talking about how you drive your car, and more specifically, your hand placement while you drive. it will all make sense, as once again, we celebrate another editorial look-back, and jump into the way back machine to open the Power Automedia vault that houses our vast collection of articles and revisit another great informational piece.

In this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a small jump back to June 2015. That’s when we teamed up with the folks at Silver Sport Transmissions to put together the article: Should You Rest Your Hand On The Shift Lever? Silver Sport Says “No”

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