Article: High Mileage! 1987 Corvette Convertible on AutoTrader Has 330K+ Miles on Odomet

October 13, 2018

By Mitch Talley in Corvette Blogger

As the former owner of two new C4 Corvettes (an ’86 and an ’89), I’ve often wondered what happened to those two cars that both left my garage a mere couple of years after purchase – with less than 15,000 miles each on the odometer.

Are they still running or have they been relegated to a junkyard somewhere? I’ll probably never know.

Well, the owner of this 1987 Corvette convertible – currently up for sale on Autotrader in Pomona, California near Los Angeles – doesn’t have to ask himself such questions.

Read More: Click Here to read about this Corvette with 330,000+ miles on the odometer. This is just more proof that Corvettes can be high mileage daily drivers.

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