Article: Alternator Selection: Charging Your Battery And Keeping It Ready

October 17, 2018

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Jim Smart December 10, 2013 Tom H submitted this article, Thanks Tom!

Automotive batteries and charging systems were once a simple to understand and package. In the good old days of 25 cent-a-gallon gasoline, you had a 45-amp alternator – or perhaps a really lame 25 to 30-amp generator – that only had to keep up with an AM radio or perhaps a Muntz 8-track stereo and very little else besides the vehicle’s ignition system, wipers, heater fan, and lights. If you kept the fan belt nice and tight and most of your accessory switches in the off position, you stood a fighting chance of keeping a six or 12-volt battery charged.

Those Delcotron charging systems of our youth did a marginal job of keeping batteries charged. Start adding accessories and features like electronic engine control to the load and a 65-amp alternator will not keep up.

Times have changed in 60 years of post-war automotive ......

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