Article: Brake Bleeding 101 With Performance Online

October 22, 2018

By Micah Wright in Chevy Hardcore

So you want to save some additional dough, and do your next brake job yourself, but the bleeding process still seems a tad daunting. Well, worry no more, good citizen! We teamed up with the guys over at Performance Online (POL) and have created a duo of useful how-to videos on brake bleeding to help show you how it’s done. Being that some of you prefer a written rundown as well, we caught up with JC Jenty from POL in order to go over a few of the more crucial portions of brake bleeding, and the reasoning behind these techniques.

Read More: Click Here to read about the proper procedure for bleeding your brake lines. There are also two videos that demonstrate this procedure.Total video time is just under eight minutes and it is time well spent if you want to install your own brakes properly and be safe on the road.

Thanks to Tom H. for forwarding this article so that it could be shared with our readers.

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