Article: Leader Dog Event For the GMC Corvette Set

November 18, 2018

November 6, 2018 Leader Dogs arranged an event for us to help us better understand how a guide dog works with their owner.

Karen, with her guide dog, Shadow, at her side talked about her dogs and her travels. She remembers her first guide dog as her college dog. Her next dog was her work dog and now she has Shadow.

She visits the Family that 'puppy raised Shadow' each year and has traveled overseas with her guide dog. She insists that TSA do not separate her from her dog during the security check. Karen's presentation and her answers to our questions were most informative. Melissa moderated the discussion.

In another segment of the program we wore a mask and a guide dog led us through an obstacle course. This was quite an experience.

We then toured the Carine Development Center.

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