Article: Critical Torque: Fast Facts About High-Performance Fasteners

December 1, 2018

By Scott Parkhurst is Corvette Online

We’ve all heard that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We learn that lesson in our high-performance cars too, don’t we? As we improve one part of the car, another part is suddenly pushed past its capabilities and either stops performing correctly, or breaks. Add engine power, and the transmission or clutch fails. Upgrade the transmission, and the driveshaft or rear axle goes South. Get the entire drivetrain up to snuff, and then the tires spin effortlessly. Upgrade the tires, and the suspension gets tweaked or you learn what wheelhop means. You get the idea!

It’s a similar battle inside your engine. Once you start adding power, you find that weak point that’s simply incapable of keeping up with the program. Most of us choose to build complete engines after bolt-ons reach their limit, and once that bridge is crossed, the weak link almost always becomes the hardware holding the engine together.

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