Article: Fully digital valves could change the future of the combustion engine

December 23, 2018

Jeff Glucker Dec 18, 2018 Motor Authority

The hunt for efficient engine valve technology can be a never-ending journey into cam timing, various combustion cycles, and lift and duration adjustments.

For that reason, some companies believe cam-less is the future vision of engine efficiency. A British outfit by the name of Camcon Automotive is looking at this problem from a different angle. An electric one, actually, as its prototype engine is the first such example to run with fully digitally controlled valves.

Camcon's approach to valve timing is quite different. It's called Intelligent Valve Technology and it makes use of valves that are not connected to a crankshaft, so the valves themselves can operate independently. Additionally, ..... Click here to read the full article on the Motor Authority Web Site,

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