Article: Z-O Sickness: The History of the Corvette Z06

January 17, 2019

Lou Ruggieri Chevy Hardcore October 16, 2018

Speed is addictive. It is an affliction that seems to be permanent because once you’ve been exposed to the sickness, you’re never able to recover. In fact, your desire and need only gets worse. What used to be fast isn’t fast anymore, and you can’t function normally unless you feel that rush of adrenaline pulsing through your blood again and again. For some, it happens from streetlight to streetlight. Guys in all forms of cars take a little hit of the stuff, ripping off 1-2 shifts at several thousand RPM higher than necessary, just for a small dose of the medicine to suppress the sickness. Some guys race cars at the track. They have it bad, too. Mod after mod, sinking thousands of dollars into engines they’ll have to rebuild here

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