Two Car Garage For Rent With Office and Half Bath

September 03, 2018Need storage space or planning a Winter project?

2 car garage for rent on its own lot in a quiet Rochester Hills neighborhood. Also includes 2 separate rooms that house an office and 1/2 bath. Has 8' privacy fence and gate with additional space on the side and behind garage.

$250/month for storage only
$350/month for use of electricity and heating.

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NCM Motorsports Park Reveals Andy Pilgrim Track Driving School

August 14, 2018By Sean Szymkowski in GM Authority

Last February, the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park announced a familiar face would join the team in Andy Pilgrim. With Pilgrim aboard, the NCM planned to offer a driving school to help drivers of all ages and skill levels become more proficient behind the wheel.

Now, we know Pilgrim will launch “The Psychology of Speed” in a two-part program f...
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How to Take Care of Your Corvette

August 14, 2018By Brian Brennan in Super Chevy

“Take care of your Corvette” isn’t just a saying but, rather, a commitment. Now, I would never be one to profess that taking care of your Corvette is more important than taking care of your kids (but there are times!). However, there’s a similar value of commitment and effort required. Once you do have the kids down for the night, properly feed, all tucke...
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