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Kirk Bell Nov 13, 2018 Motor Authority

Some Chevrolet Corvette Z06 owners who track their cars have notoriously experienced cooling issues. According to Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter, those problems should be solved, and the even more powerful 2019 Corvette ZR1 shouldn’t experience them at all.

Juechter told Motor Authority that Chevrolet made continuing improvements to the Z06 fo...
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This article, written by Carter Nacke, was originally published on, an editorial partner of Motor Authority.

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving closed its doors Monday, slightly more than a month after the school filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The news was confirmed by a spokesman for the school. A call to the school’s president and CEO, Patri...
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Michigan Monthly Diane Klakulak, Editor & Publisher

This is a potpourri of Michigan Events ranging from Sports to Theater.

Larry D is our connection to Diane and this noteworthy publication.

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GM Authority Sean Szymkowski
— Nov 13, 2018

Many car buyers don’t think about residual value, especially when it comes to buying a car simply for pleasure, but there’s some good news for Chevrolet Corvette owners.

According to a study from iSeeCars, the Corvette falls below the industry average with regards to depreciation. The study looked at 3.6 million new cars sold in 2013 to cal...
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Colin Weesner was a GMC Corvette Set Member from early 1992 until 2016. The Vette that he loved was a 1963 Split Window Daytona Blue with 300 hp, factory air and better rims.

He currently wishes to reduce his collectible Corvette inventory which consists of (16) Franklin Mint models (years from 1953 to 1999), (6) Regal China Jim Beam Corvette decanters (still full with the liquor seal intact), ...
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By: Andy Bolig in Corvette Online

At the dawn of what would become Corvette Racing, there are names and models that stand out as the large, foundational stones that have helped build Corvette into the impressive auto that it is, both on the street and the track.

One such nameplate that still resonates from those early years when Corvette was working out its existence as a performance sportsc...
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By Joann Bortles in Corvette OnLine

Automotive refinishing technology has change drastically in the past 20 years. Heck, in some ways, it changes every year. New tools are invented, old tools are improved, and paint products are updated to keep up with the demands of the industry.

It’s hard to keep up with it all. Unless you work in the automotive painting industry, chances are much of the...
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Gary Gastelu | Fox News

Chevrolet’s (worst-kept) secret mid-engine supercar has been spotted on a race track in Germany, in what appears to be production form, four months ahead of its anticipated debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The coupe was visiting the 13-mile-long Nurburgring race track, which is a frequent destination for automotive development teams and where lap times are...
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Tommy Parry October 24, 2018 Corvette Online

Underneath the camouflaged exterior, the proportions of the C8 Corvette prototype are obviously that of a mid-engined machine, and the exhaust note — quite muted by Corvette standards — suggests the powerplant might be turbocharged, which has been backed up in the proposed list of engines here. However, there are stringent sound restrictions at ...
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By Micah Wright in Chevy Hardcore

So you want to save some additional dough, and do your next brake job yourself, but the bleeding process still seems a tad daunting. Well, worry no more, good citizen! We teamed up with the guys over at Performance Online (POL) and have created a duo of useful how-to videos on brake bleeding to help show you how it’s done. Being that some of you prefer a writ...
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Chevy Hardcore - The #1 Performance Bowtie Online Magazine
Jim Smart December 10, 2013 Tom H submitted this article, Thanks Tom!

Automotive batteries and charging systems were once a simple to understand and package. In the good old days of 25 cent-a-gallon gasoline, you had a 45-amp alternator – or perhaps a really lame 25 to 30-amp generator – that only had to keep up with an AM rad...
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By Mitch Talley in Corvette Blogger

As the former owner of two new C4 Corvettes (an ’86 and an ’89), I’ve often wondered what happened to those two cars that both left my garage a mere couple of years after purchase – with less than 15,000 miles each on the odometer.

Are they still running or have they been relegated to a junkyard somewhere? I’ll probably never know.

Well, the...
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By Randy Bolig in Corvette Online

The week is almost over, and once again, Thursday has landed on our doorsteps. I don’t know about you, but my weekend plans are already made. If your away-from-work plans includes putting more than few miles on your manually shifted hot rod, there’s something you might want to consider before you pull out of the garage. No, we are not talking about the obvi...
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by Andy Bolig in Corvette Online

The team at Corvette Racing are coming off of their latest battle for the championship at the America’s Tire 250 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. The intense competition and a class that is constantly evolving means that the steps to the podium are seemingly getting smaller and taller.

Coming off of a few dominating years, the team at Corvette racing wel...
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By Andy Bolig in Corvette Online

You could say that Vincent Paradiso is a Chevy guy. He has a shop in New Milford, Connecticut and his stable of cars are Chevrolet all the way! His stash of Bowties is comprised of everything from a 1932 Chevrolet to a pro-mod Corvette and this high-nosed gasser.

Vinny is now retired from his day job, but has been drag racing for most of his life. Most everyt...
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By Chris Perkins in Road & Track

The fifth-generation (C5) Corvette was an extremely advanced sports car when it debuted, with some radical changes compared to the car that preceded it. One of the biggest changes was the C5's use of a rear-mounted transaxle, which made for better weight distribution and a roomier cabin. It's a drivetrain layout that's been a signature feature of the Corvette ev...
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By Sean Szymkowski in GM Authority

Each year, Motor Trend gathers up some of the hottest performance cars and hands one the title of Best Driver’s Car. This year, Chevrolet and General Motors were represented by just one vehicle: the 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1.

After wringing out 12 different performance machines spanning a variety of powertrains, price points and more, the publication named a w...
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In the mid-1980s, as U.S. automakers were kicking the Malaise-Era dust off their tired boots, America’s Sports Car took a European vacation and returned with a distinctly Italian accent. Di cosa stai parlando? It’s the unmistakable 1984 Bertone Ramarro.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of the Ramarro, which translates to “green lizard” in Italian. You might not have seen it yet,...
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Corvette On Line Greg Acosta October 03, 2018

Balancing an engine's rotating assembly is a critical process, key to both performance and longevity. This video walks you through the process as it happens, for an inside look at balancing a rotating assembly.

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Corvette On Line Andy Bolig October 03, 2018

We’ve held for some time that if you want to pick up a good, reasonable “collector” car at auction, then you would do well to visit a local Mecum auction in your area. Whereas other auctions have gone the route of “see and be seen” affairs, Mecum, at least to us anyways, has focused more on providing a broad spectrum of car offerings than...
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By Jenna Schiebe in Corvette On Line

From replica wheels to eBay turbo kits – everyone in the car world knows that cheap car parts are popular car parts. Unfortunately, especially when on a budget, people sometimes opt for an aesthetically pleasing piece, rather than one that is of high quality.

Brembo, on the other hand, is popularly known for their high-quality brake-system components. J...
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By Viknesh Vijayenthiran in Motor Authority

It was only 10 years after Henry Ford introduced the Model T that the company we know today as Hertz was renting them out. That was back in 1918 when Chicago resident Walter Jacobs started a rental car company with a dozen Ford Model Ts. John Hertz, who founded Yellow Cab Company a few years earlier, eventually bought Jacobs' rental car business in 19...
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By Andy Bolig in Corvette On Line

Bowling Green, Kentucky has been the center of the Corvette universe since production moved there in 1981. Since then, our beloved sportscar has entrenched itself into the Kentucky countryside, both literally and figuratively.

Enthusiasts are welcomed by a community that has embraced this world-renowned entity, and today, passionate Corvetters are able to en...
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By Aaron Brozozowski in GM Authority

The regular, run-of-the-mill Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray is, by all accounts, a great car, yet it only accounts for little more than a third of all 2019-model-year Corvette purchases made in the United States before August 1st. Despite the model having plenty of grunt, a sleek, sporty profile, and available MagneRide suspension, it turns out that a major...
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By Sean Szymkowski in GM Authority

The National Corvette Museum (NCM) continues to offer its Corvette Experience program, and there are still some spots open. The program combines track sessions with classroom learning to give enthusiasts a one-of-a-kind experience behind the wheel of a C7 Corvette Stingray.

Read more: Click Here to read more about the program, when the (16) open spots are...
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By Brian Brennan in Super Chevy

“Take care of your Corvette” isn’t just a saying but, rather, a commitment. Now, I would never be one to profess that taking care of your Corvette is more important than taking care of your kids (but there are times!). However, there’s a similar value of commitment and effort required. Once you do have the kids down for the night, properly feed, all tucke...
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By Keith Cornett in

Those spy photos of the Corvette C8.R testing at Road America earlier this week are the gift that keeps on giving to Corvette enthusiasts. Not only did they give Corvette fans the best look yet at what may be the final design of the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette, but their release has given designers new insight now that more of the exterior was expose...
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A friend of one of our members has a 2004 Corvette Z06 for sale. This is a Torch Red, show quality vehicle.

Read More: Click Here to read the details regarding this vehicle.
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By Larry Edsall in Museums

You might be surprised when you visit the “Louis to Le Mans” exhibition, the National Corvette Museum’s homage to the history of Chevrolet racing, and are greeted by a pair of Buicks.

Well, actually, you are greeted by a huge bust of Louis Chevrolet, the Swiss-immigrant racing driver and car builder who, with his brothers, Anton and Gaston (the 1920 Indy 500 ...
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By Nigel Dobbie in CorvetteOnLine

Corvette Racing, in their 20th consecutive season, made their 19th visit to Le Mans to compete in the world’s most famous 24-hour race. They took their two C7.R Corvette race cars over to France to battle with 15 other competitors in the GTE Pro Class. Ford entered four of their Ford GT cars, Porsche had an equal number of 911 RSR racers, Ferrari had a three-...
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By Andy Bolig in CorvetteOnLine

It’s safe to say that anyone who purchases the new 755-hp Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 may have chosen the Corvette due to its powerful acceleration and uber-capable carbon-ceramic brakes. Well, if you ever intend on any hard braking or accelerating in your 2019 Corvette ZR1, you may want to check with your nearest Chevrolet dealer to see if your new ZR1 might be aff...
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By Chris Perkins in R&T

The Chevy Corvette is the last true sports car to use a pushrod V8, and you might not think that's a good thing. After all, overhead-cam engines have been the standard for decades at this point, so why would you use an old-school cam-in-block engine today? Especially in a Corvette, which has to compete with the best from Porsche, BMW, and everyone else?

Read More: Cli...
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By Robert Baldwin in ENGADGET

The Corvette is 65 years old. Take a moment to let that sink in. Typically, in your sixties, you slow down. You relax and if you're lucky, settle into a nice long retirement. The 2018 Z06 Carbon 65 convertible is doing none of those things.

If anything, Chevrolet has produced one of the best Corvettes ever. It's fast (duh), but thanks to lightweight materials an...
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2018 Advance Corvette Fest interview with Fox 2 Morning.

This morning, June 12, 2018, (WJBK) - More than 150 Corvettes will be on display at this year's Corvette Fest.

This year it's being held on Saturday, June 16 at Olde World Canterbury Village in Lake Orion to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Erick Senft, the GMC Corvette Set Club President, joined us to tell us more about this ann...
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Our initial observations indicate that thee 2018 Corvette Fest Silent Auction was a resounding success. We are presently analyzing the results an will update this article when we are finished. Thank you for your participation in the 2018 Auction. All the silent auction donations go directly to leader Dogs for the Blind.

Donated items help us add fun and excitement to the Corvette Fest; we use s...
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The GMC Corvette Set raises money at our annual Corvette Fest to donate to our selected charity, Leader Dogs for the Blind. Sponsorship dollars enable us to host Corvette Fest, our major annual fundraiser.

Donated items help us add fun and excitement to the Corvette Fest; we use some donated items as door prizes for participants while others, we sell at the Silent Auction.

Personnel from Lea...
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What is an octane rating cetane rating and what does it mean?

Jeff Glucker Motor Authority May 12, 2018

You pull up to the pump and you are presented with a few choices, and we're not talking about different fuel types here. We're talking, of course, about octane ratings.

Those are large figures at the fueling station, and you know if you press the higher one you're going to spend more...
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WJBK interviewed representatives of the GMC Corvette Set today, Friday June 16, 2017.

The interview covered Corvettes in general and the Club Show Corvette Fest in particular.

Corvette Fest is tomorrow June 17, 2017 rain or shine at Canterbury Village.

Click here to watch the 'On The Nine Article' and Club Member interviews.

Click here for more information about Corvette Fest.

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Posted:Jun 10 2016 02:37PM EDT

(WJBK) - The 12th Annual Corvette Fest is happening this weekend at Olde World Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. It's on Saturday, June 11 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Approximately 150 Corvettes will be on display this year. Spectator admission to Corvette Fest is free and all are welcome.

The event benefits Leader Dogs for the Blind.

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and a fol...
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Author Angela Caito A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. [WC: 1464]

Getting your Corvette Ready for Auto Transport

The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced at the General Motors Motorama in 1953 as a prototype or concept car. It has since become the most highly regarded collectible car produced by Chevrolet and has been a centerpiece for sales for the company ever since.

The Corvette is a car that alt...
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Though an icon of American performance, the Chevrolet Corvette hasn’t always had a secure place in the General’s lineup. Most Corvette historians and enthusiasts already know that it faced cancellation multiple times early in existence, but the story of another potential death knell is just now becoming public more than 20 years after it happened, and the man best positioned to tell that story...
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One of the highlights of the 'See the Green in 2013' Fall Cruise was the dedication of a Club Brick to the National Corvette Museum (NCM).

We held the dedication ceremony the afternoon of October 10 th after a memorable tour of the NCM in the morning.

In addition to Club Members several dignataries attended the Dedication Ceremony. Captain Corvette made a rare appearance and Sponge Bob Fru.....
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Amy, Fox 2, interviews Members of the GMC Corvette Set about their Corvettes and the 2015 Corvette Fest.

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Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) visited Corvette Fest. Joe Johnson interviewed Tom Hoenle, President GMC Corvette Set, Jimmy O and several of the Corvette Fest Participants. ONTV made and broadcast a documentary of the 2015 Show.

The GMC Corvette Set thanks ONTV for joining us and making this outstanding 2015 documentary of Corvette Fest.

Here is Joe Johnson's 2015 report.
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Canterbury Village is hosting the 10th Annual Corvette Fest Saturday June 10, 2014. Wally Edgar Chevrolet and the GMC Corvette set present this Show. Spectators are welcome and there is no admission fee. Corvette owners can enter their Corvette in the Show and register at the gate for a modest fee. The GMC Corvette Set donate the proceeds of this Show to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

For complete ...
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Orion Neighborhood Television visited Corvette Fest. Joe Johnson's interviewed Tom Hoenle, President GMC Corvette Set, Maureen Smith, Leader Dog Special Event Manager; Club Members Bob Crane and Larry Dixon and participant Robert Frank. Click here to view Joe's video report.

Click here to learn more about Orion Neighborhood Television.

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See the GMC Corvette Set's Public Relations Team talking about their Corvettes and the 9 th Annual Corvette Fest.

Click here to view the movie [approximately 6 minutes]
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See the GMC Corvette Set Public Relations Team talking about their Corvettes and Corvette Fest.

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This is a 21 minute video.
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Several of the Club Members were at Fox News early Saturday morning to talk about our Club's work for Leader Dog and Corvette Fest.

To see the Corvette Fest Team in action, the video interview and read the story click here.

We would like to thank the Fox 2 Morning Show for creating this outstanding video and story regarding our show, Corvette Fest.......
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The owner of the 2014 Motor City Corvette Concours 2014 "Best of the Best" Corvette is a Member of the GMC Corvette Set!

The MCCC Selection Committee invited 3 Members of our Club to enter their Corvettes in the Concours completion for the Zora Dunov Trophy. This is an honor in its self.

Just looking at these 2 Corvettes the judges had a tough call to make. The winning Corvette is a blue C.....
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This is a story about Dick Grey and his Corvette Silverado

Click here to go to the Faces of GM Blog Site to read Dick's story. Be sure to scroll down to the video interview.
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'NAS T' took first place in the 8th Annual Corvette Fest Participant's Choice Award.

Bill Connell wrote an article about John and Kathy's 'NASTY' for his blog.

Click here to visit Bill's Blog and read the article.

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A Collection of Corvette Commercials - Enjoy

One Corvette enthusiest created this commercial for all generations of Corvette click here

1953 Corvette Introduction click here

1963 Sting Ray click here

1965 Sting Ray click here

1965 Mako Shark click here and click here for additional features.

1981 Corvette click here

2011 Chevrolet Corvette click here to watch 'Still Building ...
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Each of the more than 1.6 million Corvettes produced since 1953 is linked by a common thread, spirit that inspires people to adopt the Corvette lifestyle.

By Richard Prince Photos by the author. MAGAZINE Corvette August 6, 2015

Corvette began as a bold but risky experiment whose future was far from guaranteed. But thanks to the hard work of a small, brilliant cadre of supporters and...
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Alex is the President of his High School's Club called "Teen Car Talk".

Their Club's goal is to spread resources that they think are informative and fun to read. They are trying to make connections with other car lovers as well and have used the GMC corvette Site as a resource. They found a page about the history of the Corvette that they think we would enjoy.

click here......
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To View a video of Generation C1 to C5 Corvettes click here....
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Reprinted from Hagerty Magazine.

Jerry Burton's World of Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of America’s oldest and most revered automotive nameplates. And 55 years later, it’s not about to slow down.

That’s right. The Corvette has been around longer than the Bel Air, the Biscayne, the Malibu, the Chevette, the Corvair, the Camaro, the Nova, and even the Impala. A two-seat sport...
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These are the critical 4 constant in Road Racing.
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A voice with experience and another point of view.

The lack of collision energy management on the rear of semi trailers is reprehensible in a country that espouses having auto safety as a major federal government initiative.

It's almost a sure thing that the occupants of the Corvette were seriously injured, probably fatally.

The Corvette was more than capable of handling this collision....
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