Article: How Chevy Created the 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette

July 22, 2019

We go inside GM's proving grounds to find out how GM built a fake pickup truck and learned to reinvent its iconic sports car.

Ezra Dyer of Popular Mechanics Jul 19, 2019

About four and a half years ago, I drove the then-new Corvette Z06 at a track in Nevada. With 650 horsepower, the Z06’s rear tires struggled to cope with a firestorm of torque dispatched by the massive V8 sitting out ahead of the cockpit. For all its superlative capabilities, the Z06 needed more traction, more weight on the rear end. I told Tadge Juechter, Corvette executive chief engineer, “I think to do any better than this, you need to go mid-engine.”

He assumed a look of weary annoyance and replied, “Yeah, that’s what everyone keeps telling me.” Which, you’ll note, was not a denial.

Juechter had a good poker face, because back in Michigan, he and a team of engineers had been working on such a car since 2013. Disguised to look like a mutant Australian pickup truck, it was code-named Blackjack. ......

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