Article: Leader Dog UDATE News Letter Issue 2 2019

July 23, 2019

This Issue of UPDATE points the Fund Raising Spotlight on the GMC Corvette Set [see page 14].

So how do a bunch of Corvette lovers become so involved with Leader Dogs for the Blind? Through the Lions clubs of course! More specifically, through Erich Senft, a member of the Armada Lions Club of Michigan.In 1976 a group of GMC engineers who shared a love of the Corvette started a club to celebrate their passion for this great American sports cars. The current president, Erich Senft, was one of the founding members. Most of the other members were from the greater Rochester area, so .... Click here to read Leader Dog UPDATE News Letter.

In this issue of Update

When someone loses their vision, the loss impacts more than just the individual. Friends, family and community often fear for the person’s safety and wellbeing. White cane and guide dog training through Leader Dog alleviate the burden of care, which provides peace of mind for family and friends. When people who are visually impaired gain the ability to travel safely and independently, their communities become accessible to them again.

Highlights from this issue

> Steve Barshaw had sheltered his family from how bad his vision had become. He gave up driving but continued to do a lot of walking. “Walking alone before I learned how to use a white cane was creepy,” admits Steve. “[After Orientation & Mobility Training] it was pretty cool, especially because I didn’t bump into people anymore.”

> When Kayla McDonough decided to come to Leader Dog, she was looking to meet new people and develop her independence. She didn’t know what an impact her decision would have on her family. When her brother Zach, who is also visually impaired, saw how Kayla's Leader Dog changed her life, "it just clicked for me,” he said. “I thought of all the things I would miss. When I was younger, I was stubborn and refused help. Now I realized help would be good for me.”

> Save the date! On September 21, we Double Dog Dare you to rappel down 15 stories! The first 92 individuals to raise a minimum of $1,000 will earn a spot to go over the edge for Leader Dogs for the Blind. All money raised goes to providing lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel to people who are blind or visually impaired. Learn more click here.

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