Article: Former Corvette Museum Director and the 2020 Corvette Hall of Fame of F

September 19, 2019

By Matt Foster of WNKY40

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The National Corvette Museum’s Skydome is most famous as the part of the building where a giant sinkhole opened up and swallowed eight cars more than five years ago.

But this part of the museum also displays the 74 individuals who have been immortalized in the Corvette Hall of Fame for their work with one of the most famous cars in America.

“They’re either an enthusiast, they work for GM or they’re part of the Corvette racing history,” said Sean Preston, president and CEO of the National Corvette Museum. “This museum is all about the preservation of the Corvette, where it is currently and what the future holds for Corvette.”

By this time next year, a new individual’s picture will be added to the hall of fame – former National Corvette Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode.

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