Article: The Amazing Corvette Collection You Could Have Instead of One Bugatti

September 19, 2019

By Alex Sommers in

In early September, Bugatti announced that a modified version of their Chiron hypercar had set a production car record by hitting 304.77 MPH. Many people said the speed record didn’t really count because it was a modified vehicle.

So last week, the French VW affiliate announced that they would build 30 examples of the improved Chiron, now badged Chiron Super Sport 300+. Each of these ultra-limited Bugatti’s receive a longer/more aerodynamic body and a bump to 1,578 HP for their quad-turbo W16 engine.

All of this sounds very impressive until you happen upon the asking price. Each Super Sport 300+ commands $3.9 Million!

Since this is CorvetteBlogger, that got us thinking, “You could amass a heck of a collection of America’s Sports Car for that kind of cash.”

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