Article: C7 Production Breakdown - Colors

October 23, 2019

By Alex Sommers in

Now that the production numbers are in for 2019, we can take a look at the entire run of 7th Generation Corvettes. Bowling Green produced a total of 189,507 official production Corvettes between the 2014 and 2019 model years. The highest total came in 2016 when 40,689 ‘Vettes found new homes. 2018 was an extremely shortened model year that only saw 9,670 Corvettes built, the lowest number since 1959.

At just six years, the C7 was the shortest-lived generation since the C2 “Midyear” generation ran from 1963-67. In spite of this short life, the C7 was hugely successful. Overall production neared the previous generation’s final count of 215,125 and the C6 was built for three model years longer.

With so much data to pour over, we are going to focus on exterior colors for this piece; keep your eyes on for further C7 production break-downs. Let’s get into this!

Read More: Click Here to read how your favorite color faired. Sorry, even though "All Corvettes are Red", Torch Red was not top dog in the C7.

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