Article: 2019 GMC Corvette Set Christmas Party

November 26, 2019

On Nov. 23, 2019 GMC Corvette Set held it's annual Christmas Party at Da Francesco's restaurant in Shelby Township. This was one of the best attended Christmas parties in a few years. Seventy-seven members and their guests enjoyed an evening of camaraderie, great food, and dancing to the music of a great DJ who added much entertainment to the party.

One of the special events during the party was the celebration of the retirement of Fruitcake Bob. He has been around the club almost as long as Eric and felt it was time to spend more quality time with the wife and kids. Brad and Mary Contrucci will be watching over the Fruitcake family during their retirement years.

Special recognition goes to Bob and Peggy Crane. The DJ had an activity where he called out a number of anniversary years and asked for a show of hands for how long couples have been married. Bob and Peggy were the last ones standing having been married sixty-three years. Congratulations to them for a great accomplishment.

Many thanks go to Madalon Blaszczyk for organizing the party and doing such a great job as hostess and emcee. Our thanks also go to Patty Sandler, Russ Miller, Marcia Westerlund and others who helped Madalon prepare for the party. It appeared that everyone at the party had a very enjoyable time.

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