April 21, 2020

2020 Online Silent Auction to Replace the Cancelled 2020 Corvette Fest Silent Auction.

The 2020 Corvette Fest was cancelled due to Covid-19. The Corvette Fest Silent Auctions were always GMC Corvette Set's main source of revenue for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Some of our members and generous businesses had donated items to be auctioned this year. In order to raise more money for Leader Dogs, we will be conducting an Online Silent Auction to sell the items that have been donated. The auction will begin 12:01am, July 6th and end 11:59pm, July 20th. Click Here to view the items that are to be auctioned.

Auction Process

1. All the items are shown in the GMC Corvette Set 2020 Silent Auction Photo Gallery (click the link above). Click each picture to see it full size.

2. Each picture shows the following information: An item number (on the picture), description of the item, who donated it, the items's value, the "buy-it-now" price (you just have to get it - buy- it-now), bid starting point, the amount each successive bid must go up by and the amount of the latest bid.

3. To buy the item, or place a bid, send an email with your name, email address, item number,
bid amount or a statement that you want to buy-it-now.

4. The first buy-it-now email received will receive instructions on how to obtain their purchase. All the items are in one location in Shelby Township and it is preferred that it be picked up by the buyer. Other arrangements can be made if absolutely necessary.

5. As each bid is received, the latest bid amount will be posted on the
picture. Please monitor the photo gallery to keep track of the bid progress. The highest bid sent by midnight of July 20th will be notified how to obtain their purchase (see #4 above).

6. All proceeds will go to Leader Dogs for the Blind. A check will be required for payment at the time the purchase if picked up. In order to receive credit for this donation on your taxes, please make the check out to "Leader Dogs for the Blind" and write "GMC Corvette Set" on the memo line.

Again, buy-it-now requests and bids will be accepted after 12:01am July 6th and bidding will close at 11:59pm on July 20th. Good luck in your quest to obtain the item of your choice and help Leader Dogs for the Blind.

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