Article: The Best Corvettes of the 1950's: The 1953 Corvette

December 14, 2019

By Alex Sommers in

Alex Sommers has written a series in that ranks the top three Corvettes in each decade. This is the first installment with #3 - the 1953 Corvette. It is the one that started the life of an iconic sports car. For the next five weeks, there will be a new decade posted on the GMC Corvette Set homepage. This is the first.

We start our countdown exactly where this whole Corvette thing started. Yes, third place on our countdown of the best Corvettes of the ’50s is the 1953 model. We went back and forth on whether the ’53 should be #1 or just off the podium for the fabulous 50s countdown. When the dust settled, we decided that our list was about “best,” not “most significant” and the ‘Vette’s genesis wasn’t without its flaws.

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