Article: The Best Corvettes of the 1990s: No.2 – The 1999 Corvette FRC

January 23, 2020

By Alex Sommers in

For our second-best 1990s Corvette award, we decided to go to the end of the decade and get a bit obscure with the 1999 Hardtop, Fixed Roof Coupe, or simply “FRC.”

After debuting the C5 with a limited run of 9,752 coupes in 1997 and introducing the Convertible in 1998, Chevrolet introduced a third body style for model year three. The idea was to create a lighter weight and more performance-oriented model at a more attainable price. Engineers achieved all of this by attaching a fixed fiberglass roof to a convertible body. The resultant car shaved more than 90 pounds from the coupe while also improving rigidity by 12%.

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