Article: The Best Corvettes of the 2000s: No.1 – 2009 Corvette ZR1

February 17, 2020

By Alex Sommers in

Our top two Corvettes of the 2000s are neck and neck down the home stretch, nearing the finish line, ANNNNNND… it’s the 2009 ZR1 by a carbon fiber splitter!

If the C6 Z06 represented Corvette’s answer the world’s best supercars, then the C6 ZR1 was where America’s Sports Car left them all in its wake, gasping for air. When the ZR1 debuted, its 638 horsepower blew everyone’s mind! There wasn’t anything out there that could beat it; It took down Ferraris, 911s, and GT-Rs then Lamborghini’s finest, a preemptive strike from the Viper squad, and a 738 lb/ft AMG Benz. It also proved its superiority by setting a new Nürburgring lap record (besting Porsche’s hyper Carrera GT’s time!). Even Top Gear’s notorious American car hater, Jeremy Clarkson, wasn’t immune from the ZR1’s charms. He named it his car of the year in its inaugural year.

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