Article: Hot Wheels Race March 7, 2020

March 17, 2020

The annual GMC Corvette Set Hot Wheels Race was held at the Sandler Race Track on March 7, 2020. Many drivers and their crews attended the event to enjoy the festivities and try their new Hot Wheels cars. All the drivers congregated in the lounge before the race to discuss racing strategy, and fill up on fuel; both solid and liquid. Everyone then sauntered across the paddock to the race track.

There was a practice session before the race began for the drivers to test their cars and see how well (or badly) they ran. Some back-up cars were put into service at this point. The fans in the stands (actually bag chairs) waited patiently for the race to begin. Three races were run: the Main race for brand new Hot Wheels Cars, the Unlimited Race for modified versions, and the Kids Main Event. There were no wheel burning donuts by the winners of the races although they would have tried if there were tires capable of creating smoke.

It was a great way to spend a March evening and $266 was raised for Leader Dogs through racing fees and replacement car purchases. For the record, all race officials denied having accepted any "under the table" fees from the winning drivers.

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