Article: How Chevrolet Put Its Cars To The Test In 1961: Video

April 21, 2020


General Motors' Milford Proving Ground in Michigan serves as the automaker’s main test and development facility. This massive, 4,000-acre engineering hub is home to all sorts of vehicle testing tools and spaces, from a 4.5-mile banked circle track, various ride and handling loops, a crash test lab and much more.

Milford was the industry’s first-ever dedicated automotive test center when it opened back in 1924. Predictably, the testing facilities and procedures at Milford weren’t always as advanced as they are now, as proven by this vintage Chevrolet testing video from 1961.

Read More: Click Here to view the 4.26 minute vintage video of the testing of the 1961 Corvair at the Milford Proving Grounds. Then go to the next article on our homepage to watch a video interview with Jim Mero as he describes how Corvettes are tested there today.

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