Article: Putting A Four-Rotor Engine In C8 Corvette!

May 13, 2020

By Andy Bolig in

We’ve all been spending a lot more time in our garages lately, and for Rob Dahm, who is one industrious YouTuber, that was the perfect opportunity to stuff a high-winding, four-rotor rotary engine into a 2020 Corvette. Simply placing the factory engine behind the passenger compartment was enough to break the internet recently. Hearing the super-high pitch of a four-rotor engine at full song is SURE to send the ‘net back into convulsions.

Using the same theory that hot rodders have been using for decades, Rob intends to make more power by increasing an engine’s size. Unlike a piston-driven engine, which only has so many holes to fill, a rotary engine is actually comprised of housings that are bolted together. Want to make a bigger engine? Simply bolt on more pieces! Well, not exactly that easy.

Read More: Click Here to read more about how Rob Dahm intends to accomplish this build. This is not the first time an attempt has been made to put a Rotor (Wankel) engine in a Corvette. There is a 21 minute video that accompanies this article.

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