Article: GMC Corvette Set "Fill the Tank for the Dogs" Campaign

July 2, 2020

As everyone knows by now, there was no 2020 Corvette Fest at Canterbury Village. It has gone the way of most every event this spring and summer due to the Corona virus.

Corvette Fest has always been GMC Corvette Set's main source of funding for Leader Dogs for the Blind. The "Fill the Tank for the Dogs" campaign has been kicked off as a way to fill this funding void for Leader Dogs. The Club will be donating money to Leader Dogs in the amount of what it would have spent in putting on Corvette Fest this year (trophies, cake, band, etc.) and is asking it's members and past show participants to donate what they would have spent in attending the event (gas, dinner, etc.), purchasing items for the Silent Auction tent, entrance fees and maybe even donate some of what they have saved by being required to "stay at home".

Our goal for this campaign was to raise $5,000 for Leader Dogs and hopefully surpass this amount. Donations from our friends who would usually attend Corvette Fest will also be appreciated. The campaign's progress is displayed on the fuel gauge that is displayed on our website's Home Page. Corvette owners are usually generous people and we are asking everyone to give what they can to help Leader Dogs during this campaign.

Note: As of July 1st, $6,945 has been donated which far surpasses our goal. However, we would like to do more for the Dogs. There is still time to donate before the Oct. 31st deadline.

All donations are tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to Leader Dogs for the Blind (with GMC Corvette Set on the memo line) and mailed to GMC Corvette Set at 1955 Cirrus Ct., Leonard, MI 48367. Let's add some fill spare gas cans to the supply.

To all our club members and followers: Thank you very much for your support.

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