Article: 5 Flaws Of The C8 Corvette That Are Engineering Genius

August 23, 2020

By Andy Bolig in LSX Magazine

Everyone has been taking a closer look at the 2020 Corvette, trying to find chinks in its armor and ways to improve upon its already-capable performance. Heck, even Corvette Racing is just figuring out how to get the all-new C8.R around the track in the fastest manner possible! Congratulations on your two in a row Corvette Racing! But I digress.

The C8 Corvette has become the darling of YouTubers the world over, and it has also brought in an extensive number of “clicks” for an unassuming ‘Tuber who goes by the title “Engineering Explained”. His real name is Jason, and he actually was an engineer, until he quit in 2014. Now, most folks (currently about 2.72 MILLION of them) know him as Engineering Explained.

On his YouTube channel, Jason uses his previous experience to bring out many facets of the autos that we hold so dear. In THIS video, he focuses on the “struggling to get enough out the door” 2020 Corvette and five of the supposed “flaws” that have been reported upon extensively in forums and comments sections around the globe.

Read More: Click Here to read how GM’s engineers worked diligently to capitalize on the car’s responsiveness while containing the downsides. That is what Jason points out in this video. The entertaining video is twelve minutes long, but the text and pictures are included.

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