Article: Celebrating the Return to Leader Dogs for the Blind

May 15, 2022

On April 5, 2022, GMC Corvette Set held their first meeting at Leader Dogs for the Blind since March of 2020. At this meeting, Melissa Weisse, Chief Philanthropy Officer for Leader Dogs, was presented a ceremonial check for $12,000 by John Mollo, past club president, and Greg Blaszczyk, current club president. This check represented the money raised by the club members and donated to Leader Dogs in 2021.

The resumption of holding meetings at Leader Dogs was celebrated at the May 5th meeting with food and beverages being provided for all those present by GMC Corvette Set and Leader Dogs. The turnout of club members for this event was great. They were also treated to a tour of puppy Village 1 which GMC Corvette Set sponsored through donations from 2019 through 2021. Mike Dengate, Leader Dogs, led the tours and showed the members the plaque that immortalizes the club's contribution and the monitor in the lobby which has a page dedicated to GMC Corvette Set. When it is completed, it will contain information about the club and what we do.

Thank you members of GMC Corvette Set. Without your hard work and generosity, none of this would have been possible.

Read More: Click Here to view pictures from this event and the check donation.

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