Article: 5 Awesome Cars That Made Pontiac Great (5 That Led It To Its Grave)

November 1, 2022

By Martin Peter on

This is not a Corvette article but a Pontiac article on a Corvette website because many Corvette owners were probably Pontiac fans.

General Motors has owned multiple brands over the years. While some GM brands like Chevrolet are still going strong today, some weren't as lucky, and are now defunct. One of these defunct GM brands is Pontiac, and it's arguably the one we miss the most.

GM established Pontiac in the 1920s, and by the '60s, it had cemented its position as one of the top brands. Unfortunately, the oil crisis of the '70s, slowing demand for American cars thanks to the popularity of affordable Japanese cars, and the financial downturn of the 2000s all led to a slow decline of the Pontiac brand, forcing GM to shut it down in 2008.

We hope GM will revive Pontiac at some point in the future, but before then, let's explore five superb models that made it great and five that contributed to its decline.

Read More: Click Here to read what the great ones were. There are probably no surprises and the same goes for the ones that killed the brand.

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